About PathSwitch


This site is intended to provide information on optical network and switching equipment startups in the Dallas area. It is focused on companies that sell or plan to sell complete systems rather than components for use by separate equipment vendors.


This is, at least to start, a personal web site. I started working in telecom in 1983, and have been rewarded with interesting and challenging work. When SONET came into use, I was lucky enough to to be part of a development team that put together an early group of high quality OC-48 transmission products. The pace picked up with the advent of WDM and DWDM. The technology continues to fascinate me but is moving so fast that there's a major time tax in keeping up with developments. I have narrowed in on local optical switch startups as they seem particularly interesting. My goal here is to help those seeking the same information.

Your comments - particularly suggestions for improvement - are welcomed.

Chuck Bealke

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